Planning A Camping Weekend Away

A bit different, but we know many of our readers enjoy camping as an activity to do outside the golf course, and with many of the top golf courses in the area requiring you to camp, we decided to create a list of things you should bring with you when you decide to camp, so here it is! Our ultimate list of items to bring with you when you plan a camping trip.

Tents and sleeping bags – Obviously you will need somewhere you sleep. We recommend you don’t opt for sleeping in the car and instead buy an easy to use tent. These days they are easy to find. A sleeping bag should be thick. Don’t underestimate how cold it can get in the night time.

Battery powered chainsaw – Just in case things do go wrong (you get trapped by a storm, the car gets trapped, etc.) you need to be sure you can handle whatever situation arises. This is why we recommend the best battery powered chainsaw you can find. There loads of reviews of electric chainsaws online to help you find one.

Enough water and food – When we say enough water and food, we mean enough in case something goes wrong. You need to be certain that you’ll have enough to survive for the time you’re there, and then a few days more. You do not want to be stuck in the situation where you have too little, it’s always better to have some left over.

Backup gas – What happens if you are already to go and then realize you’re out of gas? Or worse, you realize you have a gas leak? IT could very easily happen to you. Make sure you always bring some backup gas and a simple repair kit (you can find these at a local gas station) to patch up any area that needs it until you reach the nearest AAA.

Generator – You’ll likely need some source of energy during your time camping. We recommend a generator. They have a huge amount of power and will easily get you through.

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