Essential Items For Maintaining A Golf Course

Having to maintain a golf course is hard work especially a golf course that is as voluptuous as our course here at M.C.C Golf Club. Our grounds crew works hard to ensure the course is at championship standard at all times, has shade from the sun and is pleasing to the eye.

I asked our crew what items were essential for their work. I was surprised to learn that there are really just two items that they find absolutely essential…

Electric Mowers

It may not be the first item that pops into your head when thinking about maintaining a golf course but a quality mower is very important. Our crew is constantly having to maintain the copious amount of grass on our course and they could not get by without trustworthy mowers that were up for constant usage. The last thing a golfer wants is for grass to get in the way of having them hit the perfect swing.

John, the head of our crew, thinks that rather than recommending his pick for the best electric mower, you should look for one yourself down at the local hardware store.

Why an electric mower you ask? Because we also believe in conservation and doing what we can to help protect the environment.

best chainsaws and ride on mowers

Ride on Mowers

Now, there is a debate about whether an electric mower of ride on mower is best for a golf course, but we say both! I think it’s easy to guess why the crew love ride on mowers. With such a huge space to maintain and crisp, sharp and lean grass being so important to the game of golf, a ride on mower is absolutely essential.

The crew actually have three ride on mowers – that’s how seriously we take lawn maintenance. They all work in slightly different ways with some best for speed, others best for ultra short grass and another best for steep sections of the course.

It’s not even unusual that all ride on mowers are used at once. Without this useful tool, we’d have to double the size of our grounds crew so that they could get around the entire site.

Find some ride on mower options here.


Not the most convention thing when you think of a golf course, but nevertheless practical. The last thing you want is a branch to get in the way on the golf course and this is why it’s so important to have a quality chainsaw on hand to tackle trees.

We prefer to use gas chainsaws simply as they’re the most powerful. Frank suggests finding one that includes a tool to sharpen the blade if possible as they do tend to lose their strength over time.